Centennial Park Ellicott City Family Portrait Shoot

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We had a wonderful time capturing family portraits for Matt, Julie and their adorable boys at Centennial Park in Ellicott City, MD! Matt and Julie both work as youth pastors at a local church in Ellicott City. It was a gorgeous day; one of the first nice days of Spring this year, in fact! It was actually a little challenging to find spots to take photos that weren’t bustling with joggers and people out walking their dogs.

The boys were so fun to photograph. They literally did not stop moving the entire time! This presented some challenges in terms of capturing traditional posed group shots, but offered limitless potential in terms of getting shots of the boys just being themselves! Once the tears started flowing though, we knew it was time to wrap things up. We know that many years from now, Matt and Julie will look back at this crazy phase of their life with many fond memories!

If you have a wacky family and are interested in getting portraits taken, get in touch! We’d love to talk!

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